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Getting People To Sign Up For Your Event

For your event to be a success, you’ve got to attract the RIGHT kind of attendee. You have to ask yourself; Who am I trying to help? What are their needs? What inspires them? Once you can answer these questions, you can ensure that all promotional efforts will be highly relevant, giving your ads the highest chance of conversion.

Early Sign-Up Incentives

Early sign-ups are a good way to promote your event. However, for it to work your event needs to have been promoted in advance so people know and have time to take advantage. Attendees are willing to sign up earlier if there is an incentive to save money.

Offering early bird specials is a good way to draw big crowds.

Leverage the Power of Video

Use video to engage, educate and inspire your target audience. When potential clients connect with your content they will want to know more. A promotional video that uses clips from your last event will help prospects feel what you are offering.

Be Crystal Clear

If you want to increase your sign-ups, you’ve got to be sure all of your event promotion is crystal clear so prospects fully understand your event’s purpose and objective. State up front how your event will make a positive difference in their lives. What short-term and long-term benefits will they gain if they attend.

Ask for Help

Incentivize prospects to help you spread the word about your event to their friends, family and network through special packages and discounts. When people know they can bring a +1 to an event (no one likes going to these things alone) they are far more likely to sign up.

Choose the Ideal Venue

When you are trying to draw large crowds to your event, location definitely matters. Things to consider when selecting your venue are:

  • What are traffic conditions like near the venue on the day(s) and times you have chosen?

  • Is there public transport available near the location for ease of access?

  • Does the venue offer enough parking spaces?

These factors can definitely affect your sign-up rate.

Host Your Event During the Weekend

Most people simply can’t commit to an event that takes place during the week. In general, attendance for weekend events is much higher, so consider hosting your event over a weekend.

Make the Process Easy

Want more sign-ups for your event? Then make the entire sign-up process as simple as possible. Design your registration so that it doesn’t take too much time and isn’t complicated.

Track the traffic to your sign-up page. How much traffic does your page get? And how much of that traffic actually converts? If the numbers don’t add up, take a look at your page and see if there is anything you can tweak to make the sign-up process faster and easier.


Need help planning your next business event, gala, or conference? My Team and I would love to help.


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