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How To Brand Your Event

Branding your event is important, just as important as who your keynote speaker is going to be. Before you can create your brand elements, it’s important to first understand who your audience is. Think about basic demographics like gender and age, and also consider interests, lifestyles, and more, in order to get a full picture of who you’re engaging.

After you know your audience, you should begin to think about how you want your organization to engage with your audience. Brainstorm what your event stands for and how you want it to be perceived. Is your event meant to be educational, fun, technical? The intent behind your event should play a role and help guide your event’s branding. Similarly, think about how this event relates to your organization as a whole.

With clearly defined audiences and goals, you can connect the dots to develop branding. To do this, pick brand elements that resonate with your audience and speak to your messaging. For example, if you’re hosting a symposium to bring together HR professionals, you may want to choose calming colors and fonts.

As you develop brand elements such as logos or colors, keep in mind that each element should work well with the other elements both online and live at the event. So, when deciding on colors, you should think about how they will be applied in everything from emails to onsite signage.

Now let's talk about branding elements at your event. Your attendees have interacted with your event virtually, now it’s time to bring your brand into real life. From key signage like welcome and on-stage signage to smaller elements like directional signage, every sign is an opportunity to further create a cohesive onsite experience for your guest.

Let’s not forget the furniture and decor, this also plays a role in creating an onsite experience. Pay attention to colors, design, and style when picking out decor and consider whether it compliments your branding.

Everyone loves a good swag bag. If you choose to give out swag at your event, take the opportunity to incorporate your branding into your giveaways to leave a lasting impression.

For events in which you’re exhibiting or have a booth within a larger event, all of the above elements are important on a smaller scale. Focus on telling a strong brand story within the confines of your booth.


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