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Say Yes to the engagement party: 3 Reasons You Should Host an Engagement Party

You said Yes to Becoming a new bride, a wife; that’s a big deal! It took a few months to fully accept the excitement of being the future Mrs. Jakes. For myself and most people, marriage is eternal and sacred.

Marriage changed my whole life; it even changed my last name. Marriage, also, changed my tax filing status and my emergency contact. Thus marriage, in fact, is a big deal and life altering. In my culture engagement parties tend to be customary; as the bride’s and groom’s family (especially the bride’s and groom’s parents) want to see what the family is like and if they are able to get along.

Ice Breaker Event

If you’re like me, then I’m sure your so excited to share the news with your friends and family. Engagement parties are a good way of introducing your Fiance to extended families and friends; in return you get to meet the people you , more than likely, will share your holidays and special events with.

A close friend of mine was recently married after being engaged for five years. The couple did not have an engagement party; as a result there was a clear distinction, or separation, among the bride’s family and the groom's family.I would say, nearly all newlyweds want to enjoy there ceremonial activities.

Engagement Parties Are A Mock Trial

If you think of it, an engagement party is a trial run of the future wedding ceremony events to come. Engagement parties should definitely match your style, now is the time to get your partners input on venue options that would make both your families comfortable.

For example, we hosted a barbecue for our engagement ceremony. Luckily both of our families enjoy cooking out on the grill.

Depending on your style you may want something more structured like a restaurant or banquet room. Unlike your reception, an engagement party can be less formal; so no need to go all out and spend the big bucks here.

Information Finding

Guaranteed, hosting an engagement party will make the actual wedding planning a lot easier! Hosting an engagement party allows you to gain valuable information that you will be able to use for the wedding ceremonies. You get to gauge about how many people will be on your guest list, and appropriate seating arrangements.

Engagement parties create a good space to identify people that would be a good fit in your wedding party. Did cousin X get too drunk and needed to be babysat, well he won't be a good fit for a groomsman. Does Cousin Y have way too much going on and won’t be reliable in helping you with wedding plans, you can gauge that from th

As a seasoned event planner, and wife. I definitely advise all prospective newly weds to host an engagement party. This one event will make everything else so much easier for the main event. You may even decide that all of it is way too much work and eloping may be your final choice.

But hosting this initial party allows you to share the excitement of getting married with your loved ones. As a guide, please download my FREE event planning checklist. Again congrats and your union be loving and prosperous.


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