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Choosing A Wedding Venue


When choosing a wedding venue, make sure consider distance from your desired getting dress location to make it easier to for the bridal party and the bride and groom. Also to consider your theme, does the location fit the type of wedding you want to have? If you want more of a fall themed wedding then in the mountains/woods location might work for you.


Another factor is the size of guest count, making sure your venue can hold the amount of guests you want to have. Also plan for a few extra people just in case.


If parking is another big factor for guest. Most guest like to be able to park their cars easily to get to different events. Finding a location that work for your guest style is something to make sure is covered in your venue.

Venues has a rain day space if outside

If you wedding is going to be outdoors, make sure the venues has a backup space to accommodate your guest count and still keep your vision the same that you wanted outside.

Venues come with audio/visual capabilities

Most weddings have music and we all know that most people will hire a DJ or live band, however for the ceremony, you want to ensure that the venues supplies audio equipment to be able to accommodate your needs for the ceremony. If they don’t then make sure you talk to your DJ and/or live band to provide your music needs for the ceremony.

Outdoor weddings

When planning outdoor wedding make sure you're picking a venue that treats their grass and bushes for bugs in the surrounding areas. Of course not all bugs will get out however at least you're not fighting an army of mosquitoes. If you doing a beach wedding, see if the venue supplies flip flops for your guest. And if your wedding is in the cold months ask the venues if they supplies heating lamps during your wedding to keep guests warm

Green/holding Room

If you want to get dressed at the venue or just simply need a holding space for the bride when she arrives. Make sure your venues has these types of room available to you and your bridal party.

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