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How To Have a Stress Free Wedding

1. Have Your Final Payments Ready

Many vendors require a retainer to reserve their services and expect final payment on the day of your wedding once the service is complete. To ensure a stress-free wedding day, keep a spreadsheet of all the vendors you’ve hired, any payments you have already made, and any payments that are still outstanding.

If a vendor is expecting payment on the day of your wedding, be sure to have a check or delayed email bank transfer ready. If you are writing checks, designate, like the planner, someone you trust to track down your vendors and pay them. The last thing you’ll want is to be stopped mid-party and asked to write a check!

2. Leave Some Wiggle Room

It may be tempting to plan out a wedding day schedule. While it is necessary to a point (you need to know the time of your ceremony, and guests should know the general outline of the evening), scheduling moments down to 15 minute increments will only set you up for a stressful day.

Looking back at your wedding day, it won’t matter to you if the speeches stretched 20 minutes longer than you allotted. Leave some room for some spontaneity and for some potentially unforgettable moments!

3. Bring a Second Pair of Shoes

Those gorgeous heels are going to feel like torture devices after a few hours of standing, taking pictures, and dancing. Don’t wait until you’re limping around make sure to pack a pair of flats or something similar.

4. Break in your shoes

Speaking of heels, all heels are at least a bit uncomfortable when you first buy them. To avoid blisters, wear them around the house in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that they have time to form to your feet.

Again, this goes for the fellas too! Wear your dress shoes around the house as much as you can to break them in a bit. (Ever watch “Friends”? Remember how Chandler slipped all over the dance floor at his wedding? Don’t be that groom!)

5. Hire a Planner

A planner can be an absolute life saver. They can pick up your flowers, set up any remaining decorations, and make sure all deliveries are not only on time, but also are up to your expectations.

This planner will be your right-hand, someone to smooth out any concerns and disasters. You may be able to get away with having your bridal party do bits and pieces, but a day-of coordinator can really see the big picture know all the ins and outs like a pro so that you can have a stress-free wedding day.

6. Pack a Wedding Day Survival Bag

There are so many little things that might not be necessary, but that can make a world of difference if a crisis arises. Having a survival bag could make all the difference on your big day.

Hair pins, extra make up, make up remover, a mini sewing kit, tweezers, super glue, floss, and eye drops are just some of the items that you may need for a stress-free wedding day (or at least a less stressful one). Here is a thread from the Wedding Bee forum of many more survival bag ideas!

7. Have Breakfast Served

Many brides and grooms get wrapped up in the excitement of their wedding day and forget to eat. You don’t want to be in a position where you are ready to go but have to scarf down a messy breakfast just as you’re about to head out the door. Tuxes and dresses alike could easily be ruined this way.

Plan to have breakfast delivered, or prepare it the night before. Hard boiled eggs, fruit, and overnight oatmeal are easy make-ahead options. After all, a stress-free wedding day starts with a good breakfast! Right?

8. Get a Massage

For a seriously stress-free wedding day, have a massage therapist work out some of those wedding day knots. It is not only luxurious, it is a super relaxing way to start your wedding day.


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